Steffen Milsom is dedicated to capturing the tender and fleeting moments of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration in compelling, timeless, images that you will treasure forever. Featured photographer Steffen Milsom uses dramatic lighting techniques, artful composition and professional editing skills to tell your unique story filled with emotional moments from start to finish. 

By taking the time to get to know you before the big day, Steffen will be sure to capture all the moments that are truly special to you and incorporate the details of your personal story - from the special earrings your grandmother gave you to the guests who came halfway around the world to be with you.

With more than 10 years of portrait, event and wedding photography under his belt, Steffen takes a more candid and photojournalistic approach to capturing your special day in an effort to tell your beautiful story as it naturally unfolds.  Steffen doesn’t think of himself so much as a photographer, but as a storyteller.  Through the lens, he sees moments full of love, celebration, dedication and commitment that are meant to be remembered forever.  In a split second, so much life is happening all around us.  Those tales are the ones he aims to tell that cannot be put into words.  

The goal is to ensure that every couple's dream is realized and that turning the pages of their custom-designed wedding album transports them back in time to that special day. "Years from now," says Steffen, "I hope when you look through your album, you will still feel the emotion of your wedding with all the warmth from your family"

All of your photos will be available online for your friends and family to view, every image you select is lovingly edited, color balanced, and artistically enhanced.

Fresh yet timeless, Steffen’s storybook album is a custom coffee table-style book in which every page tells the story of your day. This archival-quality album is sure to be treasured for generations to come.

Steffen believes it is a privilege to be a part of the happiest day of your lives and would be honored to preserve those memories for a lifetime.